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Have a nice day fellow human

On this site you will find content regarding: Personal Stuff, Linux, BSD, Computer Science, Linklists, Privacyand some pre chosen Music. If you have Questions regarding this site or any of it's services or complains howsoever, please don't hesitate to contact me at: admin@tinfoil-hat.net


I'm akward sometimes, because why not? ;-)


About me

Nickname: tinfoil-hat

Age: 29
Gender: Apache Combat Helicopter
Profession: Junior Linux Admin

Location: Heidelberg / Germany
Evil can only succeed if good decides to let it happen

This Wolf reminds me, that we Humans are made to live amongst ourselves. Dont waste your lives in front of a screen, insead go outside, where nature awaits you. The Internet can't make a person happy! I am no longer escaping into fake realities, My goal is to use a computer as it was ment to be: a tool.

Cool websites. Please give them a visit. This webring is from Lainchan. I try to keep it up to date. I don't endorse anything bad thing they do~

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