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Windows 10 spies on you

Previously I made a series of articles against Windows 10, consisting of basic explanation, open letters, and even a long-winded chance.org petition. However, I have come to realize that these various things could be better as one page rather than fragments across my website. On this page I hope to explain why the Windows 10 system is evil and also include why Windows as a whole is Considered Harmful . Sources to unreferenced items in this article can be found in the various resource links on the bottom of the page. Information can also be found in the photographs shown and with a simple web search.

The primary reason against the Windows 10 system is an obvious one. The system is designed to be a system that data-mines the user. This is proven time and time again. Using a tool such as wireshark, one can clearly see that it makes encrypted connections to a variety of Microsoft servers. This uses a very weak RSA encryption that can be broken in under a minute. When a user successfully decrypted the encrypted data, he simply converted the decrypted .bin'' extension to.png’’ and opened them. The image files were:


of him installing the RSA decryptor tool. This was in a VM and was a fresh install. In addition to this, another user in Australia also monitored the odd connection but did not decrypt it. He noticed this when he opened a photograph in the Windows Photo App. His assumption was that this was done because Microsoft uses a service created by The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to find images of Child Pornography and find the individuals distributing it. I have problems with that as well but that is another story. The Aussie said that he had turned off all privacy settings, while the Swede who decrypted the files said that just turning off the settings is enough. Both are wrong, and here is why: Windows 10 is not your friend Windows 10 is not your friend. Click for a bigger view.

The Windows 10 system has no ability to turn off its data-mining features. It is a ruse. In fact, the telemetry feature can only be turned off in the system service manager, and only in the enterprise edition Whoops! They removed that in the Anniversary Update! The features in the control panel do literally nothing except for a few which are then reset after a preset and unchangeable amount of time programmed in the registry.

According to leaks of a Windows 10 developer who leaked large amounts of information, the developers of the Windows 10 system don’t even know what they’re doing. They did everything from give a script to another developer contained in a Microsoft Word document to sending a completely nonsensical and broken script to the mainline system. Furthermore, they were even instructed to design the UI using PowerPoint! However, this is nothing new. It has long been assumed and once confirmed (in the Windows NT/2000 Source leaks) that no one knows what they’re doing. Bill Gates especially doesn’t know a thing about the correct way computers work, and his DOS and Windows 95/98 were the buggiest things at that time and were even laughed at by computer professionals. It seems that he either has learned nothing (a high probability) or has fired all the developers that help fulfill his horrid and normie philosophy for younger normies that are more in tune with what the computer illiterate population want to see in a computer. After all, it was Windows (and less so, but equally to blame) Apple Computing Co. that was the leader in promoting computer illiteracy in the modern generation.

Another way to truly know that Microsoft doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing is by simply looking at their history in actions. Everything that Microsoft owns was made by someone else. DOS was primarially made by IBM and others before Microsoft started branding it as such. Internet Explorer was originally made by Spyglass, which itself was a fork of the original Mosaic browser. The UI of Windows 1 through 3 were all heavily stolen off of pre-exising GUI enviornments at the time, including VisiOn and Apple Finder. They even copied most of the basic shell for the Windows system from FreeBSD. The only thing you can say Microsoft actually created was Altair Basic, but that was so simplisitc that everyone else easily copied it. Everything Microsoft has bought-out they have poorly maintained.

Microsoft has always been the laughing stock of the Computing World. It’s just that they had better marketing to become the industry standard. After the Antitrust suite gave them a slap on the wrist, they continued their monopoly and public de-education programs. By 2008 the damage had been done. Windows was the most common, even rivaling that of Apple. All other systems that had potential in the Personal Computer world, such as various GNU/Linux distributions, mainstream UNIX systems, and etc. all were either gone or were out of the mainstream use. The Microsoft Enemy continued to advance. A corporation of computer developers that didn’t know how computers work, and maker of glitchy computers that everyone ended up using due to educational materials forced onto schools and political lobbying. However, their own arrogance started their decline.

Around 2009 with the Windows Vista system’s atrocities, the normie began to look at alternative systems. This was not a majority and it didn’t get far. With Windows 7, it got comfy. But then thanks to campaigns by security analysts and the FSF, again more people began to realize, but these were small groups of people wanting change anyway. Then came Windows 8 and Windows 8 Service Pack 1. This caused the biggest migration due to the horridness of the system. And finally, the arrogance of Microsoft believed they’ve finally finished off enough people’s knowledge of computers to make a system that steals all their data: The Windows 10 system. No one, even the Slashdot Normies, could remain quiet on this issue. Thanks to this, Microsoft and the Windows system may finally be finished. Such a large majority of persons finally switched off of the system. In fact, this was such a dramatic decline that Microsoft became desperate and attempted to make a Ubuntu/Windows system. This failed harder than an ACME Body Slingshot. Finally, word has been sent out that Microsoft is considering giving up and is working for the Service Industry exclusively. This is all good and all, but what about the people still using the Windows 10 system?

There are still normies using Windows 10. It is awful. And we can not let them remain in Windows 10. You see, if it just stole their data, we’d not need to care as much as we do now. This is not the case. Windows 10 doesn’t just steal their data, it steals the data of those around them. Through the WiFi sense device sharing the WiFi passkey of the network to all Windows 10 computers surrounding them via Bluetooth (with possibly other multitudes of things from computer to computer), and to all your Facebook and Twitter firends for no apparent reason, and with everything else it does, everything YOU DO with interactions of a Windows 10 user is subject to surveillance. This even rivals 1984 in technology. You see, it is actually quite easy to explain (at the basic, dumbed-down level). The fact it constantly takes screenshots of the user’s active desktop means that every communication you have made with a Windows 10 user is sent to Microsoft. IRC, Email, Facebook Manager (although also being harmful), and etc. This also means that even if you used encryption with these people, it is pointless. Also, Microsoft has the Windows 10 user’s encryption keys as well, making encryption back pointless too. It has gotten to the point where I feel genuine fear to be on an IRC channel with a person whos CTCP version request comes back as Windows 10.

So yea. The Windows 10 system is horrid for privacy and is designed to steal all user data, and the ones of the others even near the person who wants nothing to do with Windows 10. Furthermore, not only is Windows 10 a poorly designed and disgusting system, all Windows systems are poorly designed as their developers literally know nothing about computers and create a bunch of nonsense code strung together in the worst way possible that somehow looks close to a finished work. Microsoft may finally be finished with their Normie-growing nonsense and monopoly, but the people still using Windows 10 will be datamining themselves and others. You need to get the rest of people using Windows 10 to get off it for the safety of the masses, including yourself. You need to watch the 1996 thriller The Net starting Sandra Bollock. In it, a software company creates a security suite that is actually a RAT/Trojan Horse. Everyone is using it, including the FBI. Sandra Bollock’s character finds this out and they do everything: They put her on the FBI’s most wanted and try to kill her. Anyway, the reasons for the RAT are simple: datamining, monitoring, accessing pre-existing systems of government surveillance to monitor the peoples of the world, buying and selling money, insider trading, creating (or furthering) a shadow gov. and etc. This is nearly the exact same thing, except it’s not a security suite, but instead is a full operating system. Also, the idea was radical for 1996. Such an idea was radical for 2005 even. Now it is a reality.

Furthermore, we must prevent normies from using the Windows 7 through 8 systems as well because the same illegal ``Features’’ were put on to them through Windows Updates. These features can be more easily removed, such as with the (sadly) now dead Aegis-Voat script. But the fundemental problem is that with discoveries such as the NSA Key inside Windows NT 3 and knowing it has been in every system since that discovery, and that it is non-free software, and it is a system made by codemonkies that don’t know what the hell they’re doing all the way to the executive level, it is best not to use it period. We may lose our goal of converting all normies off of the Windows 7 and 8 system (until they reach EoL, of course). I accept this. However, we can encourage as many people as possible to get off of them, and to at least run things like the Aegis-Voat script. One fight I am not willing to lose is the fight to make Windows 10 deemed what it is: Illegal. We need to continue to fight the knowledge war and keep everyone we can off the system. We also need to convert everyone we can to either earlier versions of Windows (with the Aegis-Voat script run as well) or to real and reliable systems such as GNU/Linux, BSD, or (and I am slightly sad to say this but it is an alternative that the Windows normie might go to) Apple Macintosh.

After a normie becomes acquainted with these alternate OS’s he may think it is cool and… 1337. After he reaches this different level of Normie, that is when you can begin to teach him how to truly work the underlying UNIX system. Then he may go from being a skid to being ready to be a Sysadmin if given the chance, like yourself. Furthermore, he will be ready to fully accept the philosophy of GNU (if you steer him off the course of Open Source) after realizing that UNIX isn’t that hard once you figure out how it works, and that alternatives harm you in so many other ways.

Before you do this though, you need to remember that they have never been exposed to anything else. Windows is all they know. I recommend for these normies something more down to earth and homely for them, such as Lubuntu with the LXDE Desktop Enviornment. Remember though, these normies will need some serious convincing to move away from Windows in general. Don’t force it upon them (even though we all feel it needs to be, for political and societal reasons.) Instead, try to ease them into it. It may be a long while before they truly do change, but try to drop hints. For example, refuse to use their computer to check something and breifly explain why. This might start the conversation. Then more and more conversation happens. This normie will not even realize there are alternatives (outside Macintosh) and so you can show him your setup. I recommend that if you are trying to convert a normie that you put on your computer something that is significantly less advance than what you probably actually use, like my suggestion, LXDE. He may think of it as a Windows rip-off but then you simply need to tell him that Window’s general appearence was a rip-off of a variety of things, such as Macintosh Finder, VisiCorp VisiOn, Norton Commander, and the K-Desktop Enviornment. Don’t abrieviate DE at this stage, it will prompt him to ask more questions. You can also tell him that technically every Desktop Enviornment is a rip off of the first one ever, Xerox Alto.

LXDE looks like total shit when you first try it out, so don’t forget to rice it! I recommend a nice Numix Circle theme.

Here is a list of links that show the horribleness of the Windows 10 system

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