Well, language envolves very quickly and even faster in the Internet. The term Ricing means the Costumization of a Desktop (often a Linux Desktop) you can costumize nearly every aspect of a Linux System, therefore you have endless possibilities, what a desktop could look like when you’re forming it. Ricing is not so much done because of productivity, tough you can be very productive with these setups, if you are used to them, but I for my part like to create beautiful things and use them in the real world day by day. My Windowmanager of choice is CWM. I like how it behaves and it does what I want. the costumization process is mostly editing config files, changing fonts, colors behaviour of programs. I made this post, because I sometimes read about confusion when it comes to this term maybe people from other places know this term as Unixporn or something alike. In the Screenshots above I can show you some of the “Rices” I have created, and I really enjoy doing my Computing on such configured Operating systems. However, here they are:

There is no guide on how to Rice, since it can involve a very broad range of software that can be used. for example to achive my E-Mail tasks I have to at least install: neomutt msmtp isync maildir-utils vim. you can then extend these programs with other programs as well, for example you could integrate let’s say urlview in mutt or syntaxhighlighting in vim. the mere number of possible costumization doesn’t allow a How to. I can tell you what I have mostly used for metapackages and where my Dotfiels are located, but that will have to be it. It’s very much like learning programming, once you have the logic, and know your way around certain programs, you are good to go and create something. A very unpopular question, when learning programming is: How to learn programming. what you should instead ask is: Why behaves my for loop this way, because if I debug and reaseach it, it says it sould xyz. Ask specific straight forward questions, then you will get a satifying answer. But like with learning programing, no one will spoonfeed you and do your homework for you.

With that said, the Software that appears in my screenshots are:

Some honorable resources are: