Mental Institution OC


Metal Hospital OC:

Tue Sep 8 20:22:20 CEST 2020

To survive best, is to stick to a stable person some normal words and try to get hold when you need it. On the other hand don’t rely too much on help of others,This can bring you in situations, that can make you vulnerable which some like to exploit. Hear Music, that is the thing that will keep you healthy in a mental institution. Also do things that will upper your mood and help you process things, If you like to hear music, hear some music that helps you. If you feel the need to talk to a person you trust Which is in an ideal case the personel They are so stressed out, it’s possible they will just ignore that you feel bad and helpless. But if you talk you should get a proper answer. Also very important: Try not to get hospitalized, there’s a point of no return, if you are hospitalized, it’s near to impossible the get out of mental institutions for the rest of your life. it can be a never ending circle of getting ill and half recover half ill. Don’t trust everyone: sociopaths exist, as do kleptomanians (persons which can’t do other than to steal), I met both. And some persons that appear to be friendly can switch from one moment to another. If you should ever come into such Institution, prepare to get faced with traumatic happenings. But there’s also some good souls wandering clinics, which gives me some hope,

If you need help, express your need, or no help will come! Help your self, the status you have as a mental ill person in a status of a person worth helping, but they can’t help you, if you don’t try to help yourself. If you give up, they will process you like some paper.

Take me for a cryptop tinfoil-hat or for a metal ill tinfoil-hat, I don’t give a single fuck, but they still experiment with patients in mental institutions. Now imagine what was able in 80 DDR Stasi times, imagine what would be possible today, now who the hell would trust a mental ill person. 1+1=2 -> If men can do it, they will is a thought that I want to recall. More I don’t have to say at this point. Just heads down and try to stay yourself in case you’re a good person. if you ever come in a eat or be eaten situation or you flip, they will break you one or the other way. Just be yourself and trust your instincts, if you think you can trust your self .

I am writing this from a mental asylum in Europe, Can’t speak for america or any other part of the world, but maymay this helps just one person, that stumbles along my blog, then it was worth it.