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if you have Any Complains regarding Content I host:

Contact me via Mail and NOT instant messaging!

How to contact me

  1. preferred method: E-Mail - extra Points for GPG
  2. preferred fallback mehtod: IRC - with off-the-record (otr) via query

For E-Mail Contact with GPG you can use for example (if you want to encrypt mails)

Query me on Freenode via IRC:

  • if you are unexperienced with IRC, you can go to https://webchat.freenode.net/
    • Enter a Nickname
    • As room enter: ##tinfoil-hat.net
    • Solve Captcha
  • if you have some experience with IRC, connect to freenode and visit the channel: ##tinfoil-hat.net. You can query me, I have nothing against it.

Other methods to contact me:

  • Tox:
    • Plain text IRC query (be aware, that wenn you query me, it may be stored three(!) times in plaintext if we both use irc-bouncer. Plus the times of each connected client)
    • just download https://github.com/qTox/qTox/releases
    • Tox-ID:i 4AA43058C99CA0C2857396E8B32A1A5A475F0B29BE09C65C856C5FE63AB5DD60220DC50E4736
  • Telegram for the ones that got my Number

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