CCC Heidelberg


Why I don’t want to take part in CCC Heidelberg

This should be an statement why I don’t want to have any part with the non-profit Organisation Chaos Computer Club - Heidelberg I spend some time with the meeting of members of the club. They were discussing their Association Statutes. The Association Statute started with greeting their Members with the word “Genossen” Which was used by the Sociali Party under Communist eastern Germany. The main reason they had the discussion was that someone previously had a speech which seemd clearly to be far right and in legal therms of German Law, questionable. The things they were discussing was among other things that they want to exclude everyone who supported members of the German Conservative party AFD, the conservative party FPÖ from Austria, including everyone who was some kind of offending another, that included Jokes, Memes and Music. Also they discussed to record the Political Opinion, sexual Orientation and Age of their members. Also in the template they were discussing, the first but most important sentence of Chaos Computer Club that we all are human beeings and gerneally everyone is welcome, which played with their rules. But the Chaos Computer Club Heidelberg doesn’t seem to think so, because from what I was experiencing only a few did speak up against the club want to exclude people that support a conservative party. Nearly three-quarters of members of this club had nothing against it, to excluding supporters of conservative partys, before I left under protest. Also the three of club board of directors pushed very hard for getting this Association Statutes trough. One member I am very thankful mentioned that if the Association Statutes gets trough like this, they are acting in multiple parts against German Law, neither less the club board of directors pushed to get this trough. I should also mention that hey meet up in University of Heidelberg and were serously discussing undemocratic content and excluding Conservative Party Members from beeing inside a building they don’t even own. Plus most of them are Students themselves, I really don’t want to know what the f***k is teached in this University, that a Computerclub ment for puplic gets this much political!

Authors Note: I really don’t care of what they may think of me, after I left under protest, and neither should you, if you think something is fundamently wrong, and you stand up to your belefes! My parents fled from Communist eastern Germany and left everything behind, everything they had worked for and their loved ones, because they wanted to live in a free society and wanted the best for their kids. Now that students greet themselves with “Genossen”, all of my alarm bells ring and I don’t want to have anything to do with it!