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I have DSL again

So probably you can reach me again online.

I have started using OTR and here is my Fingerprint:

2915EE57 B7D59C9C 6FB34198 AA614DF7 565944D6


My Public Wiki is back up at https://wiki.tinfoil-hat.net hosted by mediawiki

And I am also working on an Privacy fokused video conferencing service and learning platform because I consider to help out at my old school with e-learning the sysadmins of tomorrow


New phone number

I have a new phone contract, if you are one of the people I know I mabye already contacted you, if not so I will most probably do so in near future

I found a sponsor to get some Services up again

I will first limit my public hosted services to:

  • a wiki
  • a public Git repo

I can bring other previous servies up again, too. If you want me to, hit me with an E-Mail. For entire new Servies I am open, too. Just write me :) I probably won’t host any pastebin like service or tempoary file upload in future, since there are already enough online and the possibility of abuse of such services.


I have made preperations to cut my home off the Internet, with the goal to save myself a few neet bux and change the way I consume Information. I have made copies of my public served services and will continue to use them locally only and work on them offline for now. I have still a week to go with my Internet connection to prepare myself. I live in a city which is full of public Hotspots and I will use them to transfer the Data to my home and process trough it, without disctractions of daily Browsing. While preparing for this I came across ArchiveBox and Polar bookshelf Which I will use to read myself into various Topics that got my attention. I will maybe do a vlog and upload it here and there, in which I’ll document my project. I am not implying I will live trough this very log, tough I really don’t know. But I know I want to try this. And a new Internet Contract is made very quick nowadays. Let’s wait and see how things turn out… Maybe I’ll grab some books or do some writing, who knows. All I know is that I don’t want to spend my life in a Digital Prison which becomes more and more Orwellian! Who knows, maybe I am discovering a new self after wasting most of my time online.


due to my new Health Situation I have a shortage on money, thus I will discontinue my public hosting services and will limit my online presence to a 1€ VPS maily for private usage and for blogging. I will post archives to my services and create a BTC Donation address. If you have an Interest in my previous Services, hit me with a donation and / or Mail and I will consider bringing my Service up again, depending on the case.

Link Software Used Archive
https://wiki.tinfoil-hat.net Bookstack archive.is
RSS Link Aggregator
https://rss.tinfoil-hat.net FreshRSS archive.is
Teamspeak ts.tinfoil-hat.net Teamspeak3 no archive / LXC in Cloudbackup
Jabber/XMPP https://jabber.nchristian.net ejabebrd currently no archive / LXC in Cloudbackup
Git https://git.tinfoil-hat.net/tinfoil-hat Gogs git.tinfoil-hat.net
Personal Blog Discontinued Hugo git.tinfoil-hat.net
Static Personal Blog https://blog.tinfoil-hat.net Self coded HTML/CSS /Shellscript tinfoil-hat.net
Tempoary File Upload https://drop.tinfoil-hat.net/#/ Plik archive.is
Pastebin https://bin.tinfoil-hat.net/ Privatebin no archive / LXC in Cloudbackup
Counterstrike 1.6 Pub Steam-CLI / Docker no archive / LXC in Cloudbackup
Linuxjournal.com siterip https://linuxjournal.rip wget / apache2 / nginx Github
Pebble archive/siterips https://pebble.rip wget / apache2 / nginx archive.is / LXC
WoW Classic Guild Homepage https://Brauerei-Goldhain.wtf EQDKP Plus no Archive / LXC in Cloudbackup

you can send me some crypto if you are interested in any of these services, I can deploy them neatly instant, because I packed all of them in LXC Containers sitting in cloud backup.

I’ll add the BTC Address later … eta ~48h
Edit: I added the BTC Address in the Footer within the ETA.

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