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Deichkind - Like Mich Am Arsch

Thanks for the comment, I like that
Like my ass - Dadadi dadada

You're welcome to call on me
Thanks for the petition, I'm out of here.
Like my ass - Dadadi dadada

You are welcome to accompany me

[Part 1]
Star App, Train App, Tier Apps, Sky bet
Vine App, I don't give a shit
Put it on a piece of paper, write down what you forget
What was the search term again? Huh?
I put my avatar in the barrel
Sascha Lobo likes it, Peter Lustig: I'm coming!
Opinions are generally debatable
How many more petitions do you want me to sign?

Do I like the idea of a girl
Shitstorm Attack, Parainstalled
I like it, giant octopus discovered
Like thing button, scroll to the next
I like the new Fixie Store
Why did I lick it? I hate sports.
I like that you don't like it
Shut up, pull the plug, go out into the world
(Bye, Ciao)


[Part 2]
Follow, post, hiden, host
I'm dying of thirst
I need to filter friends, picture off, picture on
Single hunters are poaching
I have to lick Jesus, order Learjets
Styles and new statements demand
Play as a team and stream on Schwer
Random position, thank you

I like that you love protest
That you don't drink at all and yet you read Bukowski
I like that, greetings from the torture chamber
Great you're pregnant, you're awesome
I like it, the guy really splashed himself
My timeline was full of them yesterday
I like it. What do you mean, damage?
It's his problem, he uploaded it himself (Yes!)


[Part 3]
Like me by the ass
Like me by the ass

I like who died there
Another one over the Jordan (Rest in peace)
I like your new tattoo on your arm
Look at the baby llama, teething
I like your new pics from yesterday
With your sisters, invites you to blaspheme
I like that you have a different opinion
Come on, I was just interfering.


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