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It’s been now one and a half Week, since I rarely touched any Computer. I had my profession as an excuse to waste way too much time on my Device than what was good for me. I have now the pre Corona phase of 1 month, where I drastically developed as a better self, then the time while Covid-19 isolation, where I made three steps backwards and fell back to old habits. I can call it a personal self experiment. And when thinking back, I have to admit that I was way happier when not using the Internet.

I start now my next phase, where I will limit my time in front of a Computer from Mo-Fr to use it as a tool only, for example ordering food, check my account balance or making an appointment via E-Mail. Then from Sa-Su I allow myself to kill a few hours for entertainment for fiddle with new technology or updating my Blog. I don’t even play Video Games but there are endless ways to kill off time in the Internet and before you snap your fingers, a few years have passed.

I sometimes browse the /r/sysadmin subreddit. They all agree, if you work with Computers you shouldn’t spend your free time also in front of a screen. Eventually you would burn out. At least that was what happened to me.

Also the tech-giants in Sillicon Valley order stressed out Employees to do a vacation and don’t look into a screen and turn off their cell phones while vacation. Do they know something that we don’t?

I am happier when I am not connected to the Internet. But giving it up is the same as if you’d refuse to use a calculator. It can be a tool to improve your live, or a gate into a black hole where you can’t escape or worse, don’t want to leave. I read somewhere, possibly a fake story, but interesting anyways: Someone was in the Bus, where he’d listen to an old grandma asking “If in the Internet is all human knowledge, and with smartphones, you can go to the Internet all the time, why struggle all the young people so hard with their lives?” … !

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