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A small update

Covid-19 and Family

I’ve decided to visit my Family again, since Corona ain’t going nowhere. This whole Situation could easily last over 2 years and my father beeing nearly 60 and suffering from diabetis, there’s a chanse he wouldn’t survive a Corona infection. I was tested negative from maybe 2 days before I decided to visit him. What really bothers me is that he lives his life a bit like Corona isn’t there. I really don’t know what would be best to do. Should I we meet as long as we can and he is still alive or should we stay apart to minimize the chanse of infection. either way, it would be no win. And now with seeing that he keeps visiting people and also continues to work, what would be the chanse that me as a lonley Motherfxxxr infects him. My father is the most important person in my life. So the most logically thing to do would probably be to reduce the contact to a bare minimum of people I really need to have contact with and see my father therefore as often as possible.

I am now in eastern Germany with my Dad. The sun is nice. I most likely am going to move there. Heidelberg may be a nice City, but the People there aren’t.

200 mb in three days

I have chatted read and posted as well as browsed a bit via my Mobile Phones Hotspot and my Laptop. And I have installed some software. I did that for some hours the past three days and come summa summarum up to 93 Mbyte of datavolume with my Hotspot. The freaking rest of 107 Mbyte is Freaking phone which I barely touched the past three days. I have no Gapps in my Phone and nearly maybe all together about 20-25 Apps on my phone. All beeing opensource, except Spotify. I have downloaded my Spotify Songs via Wifi. It’s just a mess, I freaking want to have control of the Data that’s beeing sent via my phone and not having it search for events that could inc. I have used The Laptop with my CWM on a minimal Debian installation. And I have the feeling of beeing in control over what’s happening on that device, this feeling isn’t present when using my “Degoogled Smartphone”. I wish smartphones were never invented. They disrupt nearly every family event on a daily basis, make noise every 5 minutes, when a new notification comes in. In the Bus or train nobody talks to each other again and instead stares on their screen. On top of that Smartphones aren’t there for you to create someting, instead it’s there to boost your ego with Push Notifications of likes or bind you like a zombie in front of the screen while scrolling trough your AI generated feed of memes. I get earcancer it I hear someone saying computers are obsolete, because phones exist. The Smartphone generation is a lost one.

Mutt and Telegramtui

Besides that, I have configured mutt, vdirsyncer khard and khal to work with each other. I need to change a thing or two but besides that it’s functional. I am a bit proud how it worked out. I have documented the steps I took in my Wiki. The article is really big and it took more time to write the Documentation than wo setup mutt by itself. On my minimal Laptop I have changed the Terminal to URxvt and the Font to NotoMono, which looks awesome! And I have found a tty for Telegram. It’s called Telegramtui and can tunnel it’s connections trough a proxy (socks or http).


I have found that Oh-My-Zsh offers way too much than I actually need. So I searched for another pluginmanager for zsh and found zinit. It has autocomplete code highlighting and a fuzzy tool plus one or two more addons I installed. I had a problem to jump words in the shell via ctrl+left. I tried to configure it in ~/.Xresources but the solution for me was to configure it in ~/.zshrc

Other tools

I have tried another Browser from suckless.org called surf, didn’t know they had a Browser before. I am now busy with learning the shortcuts, since they’re a bit odd. But with me beeing visiting my family, I had not the time looking into it. I will have to take the time for doing a git versioning of my Dotfiles. Then I started using the Spotify-tui, which is a neat frontend for spotifyd and similar tools. I have discovered a cli for mastodon, called toot. But I am not really convinced of that program, I think it feels uncomftable to use it. Way more I like the cli for reddit. I wish there was something like this for mastodon.

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