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The beginning of the Window Manager era for me?

Today I have wondered what to do with my old Thinkpad x220 and I figured that now is a good time to use that spare machine to get warm with window managers. In the past I have made the mistake that I have whiped my main machine while always telling me I won’t go back. But in a nutshell I did. But this time will be different and here’s why: I have repaid my Thinkpad x260 which now runs Linux Mint Debian to cover my daily usage i.e. when I am in Braindead mode and just want things to work. However in the meantime I have purchansed a Thinkpad x230 which is my spare machine if any of those 2 will give up in the next years. This. Togehther with Debian as an OS ( or OS basis) I will be able, if I take it carefully to have long lasting systems without breaking things. In the past I have made some other mistakes, like choosing the wrong window manager. I was a bit overwhelmed by the pure choice of WMs and think I have now found one that actually fits my needs:


CWM is amazing I have figured that tiling window managers are neat, as long as you keep it to terminal only, and whoops, here comes the Browser … and and audiomixer taking up half of your screen it always felt uncomftable, expecially with multi Monitors. So now I was on the search for a Stacking Window Manager and cound CWM. That it’s developed from Openbsd Maintainers is an extra plus. It kinda does support virtual desktops, kinda because they are actually emulated. you can just Drag and drop and resize the Widows with the mouse or using some tiling capabilities. Overall I like it. So in the next days I will try to do some stuff the old way like for example configure mutt and msmtp with gpg, lets wait and see, how it plays out along with vdirsyncer and khard. I made some other mistakes in my last approaches, like not to pay attention to the terminal I was using, now it’s rxvt-unicode and it looks way more polished tbh. I am finishing for today, I have to make a decision on the bar I want to use, too. Ah and before I forget this time I am actually caring to set up a VIM environmet that fits my needs, which is also something I have never bothered to do. There’s a lot work to be done and I look forward to it. It just get’s mee loose from all this Covid-19 hyping and isolation. Maybe that was I needed for looking forward again: a task and the motivation to get it done.

I’m looking forward to it, let’s see how it plays out :)

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