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DSL available && Freifunk && Mastodon

I am online again with my own DSL line. I figured after so excessively using the Telekom fon Hotspot of my Neighbour (I used an Accesspont and tunneld my whole network over it), it’s time to give sth. back and so I decided to create a Freifunk node, which is a free Wifi for my neighbours. It uses a modified Openwrt Software which tunnels it’s traffic to Freifunks server, so I don’t have to mind about People abusing the internet. It uses Openvpn in my Guest network, so I don’t have to mind about sharing my Local Network with everybody.

And I have to say, I may have found a new Home online: Mastodon!

I like that it’s decentralised and Opensource. There are many free speech activists, technical people (Sysadmins, programmers, cyberpunks). It’s kind of a Twitter alternative. But you can actually delete posts, export and review your userdata, easily migrate to another instance. But the Coolest thing I find often on Mastodon, is people advertising their personal websites, I thought there’s nearly nobody running a personal Website anymore, but the fediverse has proven me wrong. Awesome!

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