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Corona Isolation and Internet

It’s been a long time since I last posted a Vlog. The reason? I discovered a paid Hotspot in reach of my flat. I now have a direct comparisonment between the time I had to go outside for an internet connection and the time I got Internet at home. Well. My resume is that I tend to waste way more time with nonsense when I get Internet at home. Actually I took 3 steps backwards. On the other hand I was able to communicate with my Doctors via Internet which I depend on. So it’s a two edged Sword. I live far away from my Family and friends and am able to communicate with them. And beeing able to send Documents to State Organisations. I depend on beeing able to talk to my Doc in these times of Corona. Also one should stay at home and the whole Point if the experiment “no internet” was to get me out of the front door.

That would be the Upside, the downside is I fell back into old habits and sit all day long in front of a screen wasting my time with clicking here watching videos there. I feel more easily exhausted. My Day - Night rythm has sufffered. I now have to learn to live with it. I’d like to compare the Internet with a cake. If you aren’t hungry but bored and sit infront of a cake you tend to just eat out of boredom, it’s kind of the same with Internet for me. Maybe you should know about me that I had Isolated myself for about 6 months before the times of corona and I did my first babysteps back into society. All progress lost and I hate it. Maybe I can do it, the challange of living with Several illnesses, alone, with a disabillity check, unilmited time to waste and an Internet connection just for myself paired with plenty of hardware. Maybe I’ll destroy the rest of bit of health what’s left for me.

The Ideal outcome of it would be I learn to limit my use if Internet. Time will tell…

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