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I’ve used 3 Public Hotspots ind the past. One which isn’t far from my home but slow and it’s not a place where you stay dry if it rains. Then there’s a kind of shopping mall unter the university whoch is damn loud. I can’t really remember the internet speed, so I’ll have to test it again when I go there next. But my favourite public Hotspot so far is the local Libary, which is quiet, and has a blazing fast internet connectivity. I measured about 30 Mbit/s with my VPN on which is located in the USA. Today I managed to download another ZIM File, which has about 8GB and I set up a Debian VM and configured it to be an apt mirror for Debian Buster and Linux Mint, which uses Ubuntu Bionic repos. I had to set up the VM another time because I made it to small. the apt-mirror with debian and ubuntu repos will be at this time about 320GB, which means I will have to spend lots of time in the libary and have to hope they don’t get pissed because if the bandwith. when they blacklist my VPN I’ll have no chanse downloading at least the Debian Repos. Don’t ask me, why a public Libary would blacklist debians official repos, but they have. After I grabbed the ZIM file and set up Debian I managed to download 7 GB of packages. I also grabbed a Video from one of my fafourite truthers and grabbed some web pages because I want to help a homeless person to find a place where he can live. We have many institutions here around, I didn’t know about. Back at home I have now set up a Mediawiki on my Rasperry Pi. I palan to document things like IP Addresses Steps I take to set up my Email server etc.

I am typing this words as right now from my freshly repaired Thinkpad x260. It’s very sensitive when switching the harddrive. I have accidentialy broken my Sata Cable while doing it. And as I ordered the Sata Cable Corona was very big in China. I guess that’s why it has taken more than 2 months to deliver it. However knowing that the Sata Cable is very sensitive, I decided my x260 is a “she” and was very careful with her. However now she is restored and has a 1TB SSD and a 9 Cell battery which should last about 10 hours. The screen resolution is very nice, I have to inure to it, tough. Also I need to Duck Tape the camera, it’s a wired feeling having it point to me.

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