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This Shit could really work

I now go out on a regular basis, for example when I can’t sleep and go for a round about ~2h walk and do more Sports in general. I lift Weights, and do Push- and Situps and do some Boxing. I feel like a day is way longer and can now conenctrate more on my paperwork, cooking and the Sport I mentioned. I hear lots of Music and do some Reading. I really can’t say if this is just a tempoary push or if my motivation will last over time. I will have to wait and see. A dear friend of mine allowed me to use some recourcess on his server and host some Services I took down. I will limit myself to a public and private wiki and a Git repository. Maybe I’ll add a Seafile later, too. But I don’t really feel the need to fiddle so much around with it. I guess one should conecntrate on a few things and do them right instead of beginning lots of things, which then rot half of the way.

I also plan to host a private E-Mail server for myself. And instead of googling the easiest how-to or depend on a preconfigured hosting solution I plan to do it “the right way” and first read deep into it before starting without knowing everything. Maybe I will mirror myself the Documentation via wget… I plan to host with:

  • Spamd, Postfix, Dovecot and OpenDKIM

Besides Setting up a Mailserver, I will need to finally download myself a Apt-Mirror… A thing that is holding me back to get more out on public hotspots right now is the weather, it is raining more or less since weeks and I can’t motivate myself to get out. Another reason for this could be, that I canceled my Public Transport ticket, since I am Walking everywhere I need now. I feel kind of liberated without the permanent distractions of daily browsing. I am confident that living without DSL / vDSL / fibre could really work. I also have switched to a way cheaper prepaid Phone Contract which only has 5GB Data Volume, but is way more flexible. Off trades are, that I have depending on the weather no or the worst possible internet connection on mobile and sometimes a medium quality connection, maybe depending on the weather. By the time of writing, I have no Internet connection and the weather reports say, it will rain through the next days. I hope Corona Chan spares my town, because not beeing able to communicate online while beeing isolated would be pretty hard. The phone connection tough does work, so an emergency call or calling my family / friends would still be possible.

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