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4 Days witout an internet connection at home

My NAS is now powered off since 2 days, To save myself from my powerbill. I am a bit disappointed that the Android 9 Sync with Nextcloud only seems to work when my Wifi isn’t connected to the Internet. Android doesn’t find the local devices tough it has a valid IP Address. I am using the nextcloud for now only to sync my Markdown Notes and my Firefox bookmarks. I also have set up an Proxmox hypervisor in which I have restored the LXC Containers from my VPS, which I have cancelled. I used the Webserver in an container to troubeshoot my Webblog in which I had made an mistake with the CSS layout. I plan to make myself a local APT mirror for my Linux Mint devices and Debian Servers, in case I need to install a package in future. I noticed, that I spend very less time on my PC and go out more. I have also accomplished to get some things done for my private stuff.

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