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It’s dead Jimmy

In the night from yesterday to today my provider killed my internet, finally the Digital Detox (light) can start, I actually browsed some time with lynx on my vps and was chatting with strangers on IRC. I am now in the middle of preparing to poweroff my NAS. I copied my data to the external drive that I’ll connect to my raspberry Pi, let’s see if the RPI Model B+ can handle my needs. I actually discovered yesterday that there is a file format called .zim, whis is a compressed archive made for offline browsing. With other words Content Hoster like Wikipedia or Stackexchange publish these .zim files from time to time,so you can torrent it. Sadly I wasn’t able to pull wikipedia or the gutenberbg project before my internet provider cut me off. I also got a notification that my Phone contract is canceled at 10.03, so I can save myself even some more neetbux.

To keep the traffic low, I am syncing my stuff (data, contacts, Calendar, Imageupload, Notes, Karban Board, Bookmarks) on a Nextcloud on my Raspberry Pi, which will take the sambashare of my other PI, which has a HDD Connected to it. I guess together with my Openelec Raspberry Pi it should be around 15W + the power from HDDs. Maybe I can get myself together and do a complete recabeling, so that there are no power adapters eating power for nothing.

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