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Are you using your device?

Or is your Device using you?

I gave myself some last hours with my Sweet DSL, but also took a 2h walt across the city in the night. I love walking trough a dead city, with no cars around except a few Taxis here and there. It’s quiet and peaceful. Also the River “Neckar” here in Heidelberg looks just awesome in the night with all the trafficlights shining in it. From time to time you meet a lost soul, but I made the experience theyi just leave you alone.

Some time ago I saw a documentary in which the Silicon Valley folks were interviewed. They are surrounded by digital devices almost 24/7, have always their phones with them, and work in a high stress environment. So what their bosses tell them to do, that they don’t burn out is tell them to take a digital detoxing.I face now a situation where I don’t have much money, but I also want to see it as an oppertunity to discover myself a new way of lifestyle. So I cut myself off the internet at home. Only use my Mobile thetering, if I need it and go more outside, discover whats around me with open eyes. I see now that the Internet is a curse for society, and that we’d probably be better off with it being just a source of knowledge or a tool instead it being entertainment, lover, toy and whatnot. Social Media is pure cancer. it divides people by seperating them in their bubble of opinions. No one really knows how the Social Media feeds are put togehter, it’s decided by AI who get’s what to see. The AI is at a point where it knows better what you want to see, then you know yourself. All with one goal, to bind you as log as possible in front of a screen and confront you with more ads. There’s endless possibilities to waste time on the Internet but does wasting time online really satisfy you? I don’t think so. Maybe short time but not in the long run.

Mental Illnisses are on the rise like mad. And I suspect it very much has to do with the time we spend in front of a screen. Humans are made to be social. Alone the term Social Media is a joke if you think of it. People are doing almost anything to get the most likes, because it feels like a short high, like a drug addict. There’s nothing social with sharing something on your timeline. If you ever were on a good Party and had an awesome conversation with good friends, then you can see what socialising is. But not by re tweeting a popular opinion. Instead it drives you to become a passive thinker.

I’d almost go this far that being an Administrator, while on the same time have Homelabbing as a hobby, nearly destroyed my life. If you want to take my advice: get off the Screen from time to time. Talk to your family and go out and see the Nature.


Use your device as a tool, not as entertainment box! Get off the screen from time to time.

Television / Internet

Television and todays Internet is Opium for the masses. It’s only there for one purpose now, to ban you in front of a screen, expose you to buy more things you can’t afford and probably don’t need to impress people you don’t even like. In the 1700 - 1800s there were countless cultural changes and many great thinkers and poets artists and scientist innovations. It seems to me that with the appearing of television and the internet Humanity actually did a step backwards. Television is now commercials, politics, people screaming at each other and predifined laughs. The Internet however is full of endless possibillities ot waste time, without learning anything of value or enhance you as a human beeing, instead it’s full of clickbait false information, trolls and people having an opionion on things that they got from their favourite false source. There’s a lot of trouth in the 30yo Boomer meme, which is that you are actually happier and more stable if you do things the old way. A relative once told me seriously, that she is only reading headlines, because she isn’t really interested in what the Article is about. This made me speechless. This is why I love Unix so much, it’s there are really people that read stuff tand don’t hesitate to help each other out, spread knowledge and there are still interesting conversations happening in IRC. Popular Sites are not about good Content, they are about good layout and design, with a fancy site, good loading times and a ggod google ranking you’ve made it. The Value of the information comes nearly last. I don’t want to say that I am a special snowflake and above all “normies” I am just re experiencing the world around me. I had a lot if time to think, because of my health situation and my Disabillity Check. I came to the conclusion that less is more!


We live in the age of Disinformation. It’s nearly impossible to tell, if a source is valid. Photoshop, Deep Fakes and Voice Modulation makes it impossible to say if something was really happening. Conspicacy Theories may be true, they may don’t be. States are manipulating Public Opinions with Troll and Shill Armys. Every violent dumpass that goes enrage, lets politicians drive to even more restrictive laws, that cut on the freedom of people. There is no absolute security and the more secure you want to get, the more you need to get towards a police state. I find that it’s a dangerous path to want to protect everyone everywhere. If you would take the Money states put in their spy agencies and war machinery and put it instead in research for cancer or better medicamentation in general, everyone would be better off. But back to topic: I think that news is spreading too much fear in people, I don’t think the Mainstream Media is independet, if it ever was. But there’s also a problem with the Truther movement. It’s hard to oversee, that there are dangerous views around the truther movement, which drives some people to go full beserk.

So what’s a good way to get news? I seriously don’t know. How do you know if anything is true and not faked or with a agenda in mind? One very practical Solution would be to observe, what’s happening in the would around your life. Do you really need exactly to know if in Country X someone did y? Does that Information really bring you forward in your life? I don’t think so. I Think we need to get backwards in how we process information. Yeah, we have a globalised world. But Most of us live in a local area and don’t travel around the world day by day. You know … if you have a work and a family you need to conectrate on that an not put the weight if the world on your shoulders. Maybe get involved on improving your local City and your local way of life. Help the people around you, be a every day hero. Help a Grandma to get in the Bus or over the street. If you put the weight of the World on you you only will feel helpless. But you aren’t. you can impact the people around you. If you give money to Charity, do you actually know that it goes to the ones that need it. What if I’d say to you that most charity funding goes to office workers and infrastructure, instead of people who need it the most. And that for example food is thrown there, where the local government wants the people to be.

In Most cases you cannot impact what is reported in the news. News are like modern Sports events just jet another way to get you infront of a screen and feel more helpless.

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