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Hi there, I'm tinfoil-hat here is my Site, Gitweb and landing page for public services I host. I don't want any Guestposts, even against Money.

About me

Nickname: tinfoil-hat

Age: 33
Gender: Apache Combat Helicopter
Profession: Linux Admin

Location: Brandenburg / Germany


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tinfoil-hat.net Self written HTML/CSS
Blog Hugo
Git cGit
Wiki Bookstack
Tube Peertube

The winter seemed never-ending, and the pack was dying of hunger. The leader of the pack, the oldest of them all, was out in front comforting the young wolves, telling them that spring was coming, but at a certain point, one young wolf decided to stop. He says he has had enough of cold and hunger, and he says he is going to live among men because the important thing is to stay alive. The young wolf lets himself be caught. And with the passing of time, he forgot he was ever a wolf. One day, many years later, as he was out hunting with his master, he ran to collect the prey. But he realizes the prey is the old leader of the pack. He fell silent with shame. But the old wolf speaks and says to him, I die happy because I lived my life as a wolf. You, on the other hand, belong neither to the world of wolves nor to the world of men. Hunger comes and goes. But dignity, once lost, never returns.

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